One of the greatest misunderstandings in American culture is that shotsport enthusiasts somehow aren’t also dedicated to ecological preservation and environmental stewardship. Compelled by the beauty of our natural habitat and motivated to ensure our children and grandchildren can experience the same, Kinetic Ammunition produces only eco-responsible components using the cleanest manufacturing methods available. Our materials are 100% recyclable and our manufacturing process employs energy efficient machinery. Kinetic produces no waste-stream, uses no toxic heavy metals (lead free) or toxic chemicals, and creates no environmentally harmful by-products. Furthermore, because our casings and bullets produce and absorb less heat when fired, we can reduce the risk of unintended wildfires which devastate vast regions of our forests. 

    Indeed, we strive not only to leave as little impact on the environment as possible, but to improve it along the way. That is why Kinetic Ammunition is committed to running a carbon neutral facility and donating a portion of all profits to wildlife restoration and habitat reformation.

    Don’t take this the wrong waywe are not trying to promote a political message. We are simply shotsport enthusiasts and outdoorsmen (and mothers and fathers) dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources for generations to come.

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    Staring at empty ammunition shelves for months on end brought us to one conclusionas ammunition evolves, so too must the industry. That is why Kinetic Munitions is making the promise to sell to our loyal customers ahead of everyone else. In fact, every customer who signs up for one of our regular ammunition plans during our crowdfunding campaign (beginning December 2015) is guaranteed, for life, to have his or her order filled before we meet any other obligations. No more waiting in lines or worrying when the next shipment may come in. No matter what the economic or political conditions, we promise to keep you stocked up and secure for when it matters most.  

    In addition, we are creating a fully-interactive e-commerce platform which will allow us to not only share important information with you, but to receive your essential feedback and listen as to how we can make everything we do, even better. 

    So join the movement and become part of the Kinetic family. We’re a company built for people, not just for profit!


    With non-corrosive powders, a significant reduction in friction compared to metal, and polymer engagement, our bullets help you maintain a flawless barrel. In fact, as the polymer Blazen obturates inside the barrel, it actually removes residual powder and debris from the previous round. In other words, KineticAmmo actually cleans your barrel as you shoot, leaving little maintenance once you’re done having fun.