KineticAmmo is lighter and achieves greater levels of obturation while creating less friction. This means that our rounds are screaming fast. How fast? Between 20–110% faster. For example, most traditional factory .38 sp. rounds are lucky to achieve 900 fps. However, our Aero+ rounds have achieved speeds in excess of 1,500 fps with our Practice rounds pushing over 1,750 fps. Obtaining near rifle speeds out of a pistol or revolver means you can shoot straighter every time. No more holding over and praying you'll hit the target beyond 50 yards. With these speeds, if you don’t hit the mark it’s not our fault! 


    KineticAmmo is typically 35–40% lighter than traditional ammunition with our advanced polymer casings ranging from 50–60% lighter than traditional brass. Not only are Kinetic rounds lighter, they are also more durable than brass or steel and can be reloaded numerous times (well beyond the life of typical brass) without having to go out of pocket for expensive reloading dies and presses. Further, our casing caps (the bottom portion) are made from a high-grade aircraft aluminum that has nearly twice the tensile strength of brass. Why does that matter? It gives you more reloads before the primer pocket fails and renders the case unsuitable for use.

    Let’s be honest. For years individuals, defense agencies and law-enforcement units have been seeking light weight polymer ammunition to mitigate the numerous negative effects of shipping and transporting heavy cartridges. A number of companies have achieved limited success in this arena, but no one has really hit the mark. Finally, the solution has arrived. Whether you are a law-enforcement officer, soldier on the front-lines, or shotsport enthusiast, the benefit is the same—you can procure, pack, move and carry more ammunition than ever before. Plus it’s a blast to shoot!


    Just because we have created the world’s most innovative polymer components, most reloadable cartridges, and most sophisticated ammunition manufacturing process, it doesn’t mean you have to pay more. KineticAmmo was created by shooters, for shooters. With our patent pending Blazened rounds and Helix expanding rounds we offer premium ammunition without the premium price.

    Succinctly, ours is the most economical premium ammo system on the market and allows you the freedom to shoot more and pay less. If you want to increase your fun to expense ratio even further, you can purchase extra bullets for your Kinetic casings and simply reload yourself.

    Unlike traditional loading, our system is safe and reliable without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on specialty equipment. What’s more, our rounds can be reloaded multiple times (our legal department says we can’t say exactly how many due to charge and load variances, but it’s a lot).  

    With KineticAmmo, the more you shoot the more you save. Outside of surplus or subsidized ammunition being dumped on consumers by twitchy manufacturers and third-world government officials looking to turn a buck, you will not find premium cartridges at a lower price.

    So wrap up your expensive ammo and give it to your friends as Christmas gifts. In the meantime, shoot KineticAmmo because we believe your ammo should be light and your wallet should be heavy—not the other way around.


    What’s different about a casing that can be reloaded once or twice with a ton of specialty equipment? Nothing. What’s different about a casing that can be reloaded multiple times without typically having to re-size it? Everything.

    KineticAmmo offers easier, more consistent, and more uniform reloading without the hassle of resizing your casings every time. Further, our system eliminates the danger of over-pressure by preventing improper seating of projectiles. 

    First, our durable polymer casings have wonderful elastic properties that reduces the likelihood of major deformation upon firing. Also, our casing caps are constructed of premium aircraft aluminum with twice the tensile strength of traditional brass. Of course, even our casings will eventually wear out with multiple uses. However, our system certainly gives you more "bangs" for your buck.

    Not only is KineticAmmo durable, we also make reloading a snap. Our casings are designed with an external seat to ensure proper seat depth. As the bullet is pressed into the casing (which can be done by hand without a press), the re-loader can visually ensure that the bullet is seated in its exact position, every time. This means that there is no need for dies, presses and/or constant calibration of equipment. It also means that if you happen to drop a round after it is loaded, there is no chance of the bullet inadvertently driving itself further into the casing (which reduces internal casing space and can lead to dangerous elevations in pressure).

    Finally, by ensuring proper seating and by reducing the interior cartridge space, our rounds help eliminate the possibility of double charging (which produces very nasty results if you’ve never seen it). With KineticAmmo, reloading is not just for professionals. Now everyone can do it safely and effectively.


    KineticAmmo Aero and Aero+ series are designed to do what bullets do best . . . penetrate. We achieve dramatically increased penetration over traditional rounds by using superior materials and by doing something that should have been done a long time ago—putting the weight where it belongs. By placing the center of gravity ahead of the midpoint of the bullet (see adjacent diagram), our patent pending designs reduce the projectile’s tendency to tumble (either in flight or upon impact). This leads to cleaner flight, truer entry, and increased penetration.

    Not looking for increased penetration? We have you covered there as well! Our Kinetic Helix series is design to achieve maximum energy trans
    fer and expansion with a penetration depth of approximately 14". 


    Although the caliber debate has raged on for decades, and we respect those who argue that bigger is better, our system asks a different question. Does it matter what caliber you are shooting if you can’t hit the target? By shooting lighter ammunition with greater kinetic energy, you are much more likely to obtain the desired result and minimize the potential for errant shots. Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Just visit the FBI Training Division, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA and ask them why they rank shot placement and penetration as the most important factors in personal defense. 


    The secondary benefits of a lighter round with reduced friction are less recoil and faster target acquisition. With more energy going out the business end of the barrel, the recoil from a KineticAmmo round is significantly less than traditional rounds. These improvements also allow shooters of smaller stature to stay on target and to handle larger calibers without sacrificing precision.

    Although we produce complete rounds that will cycle the action of any standard firearm, we encourage smaller-stature shooters to reduce the tension of their recoil springs and reduce powder loads to further improve shot placement and target acquisition. Ultimately, our system helps you put more rounds where you want them, in quicker succession.